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ElasticSearch 6 – Spatial Queries with RestHighLevelClient and Java – Part 2: GeoBoundingBoxQuery and GeoPolygonQuery

Introduction In previous article, we elaborated on the ElasticSearch’s GeoDistanceQuery. This time we’ll demo how to develop a  GeoBoundingBoxQuery  and a GeoPolygonQuery. The code is still written in Java/Spring but instead of using ‘hellhole Belgium’ (quote unquote) as a location, we use … Continue reading

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ElasticSearch 6 – Spatial Queries with RestHighLevelClient and Java – Part 1: geoDistanceQuery

This project has been designed/developed as a POC. Focus of the POC is to test some Spatial Queries against Elasticsearch (ES). In the following posts, we’ll elaborate on 3 following types of Spatial Queries: retrieve objects within certain distance retrieve … Continue reading

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Integrating with Excel (including Java) is a no-brainer

In this short and functional oriented article, we’ll elaborate on how to integrate with Excel. For sure, Excel is not the “latest and greatest” utility but it still offers a lot of functionality the average entrepreneur will be able to … Continue reading

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AEM 6 and AngularJS

This article elaborates on the usage of AngularJS and this in combination with AEM (Adobe Experience Manager). For this example, AEM version 6 has been used.  From a functional point of view, the (rather basic) software component will allow to … Continue reading

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Elasticsearch and GEO query – Geo Point Type

Elasticsearch has become an extremely popular search engine but … as so often … documentation could be improved still quite a bit. Find below a short tutorial on how to identify (map) a field as geo_point field and FYI, the … Continue reading

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Draaitabel – Pivot Table Excel 2010

Altijd meer willen weten over de draaitabel? Weet dat vanaf excel 2010 “slicer” and “calculated field” als functionaliteit is toegevoegd. Interesse? Kijk naar dit in het Nederlands ingesproken en informatief filmpje: Calculated field wordt uitgelegd vanaf minuut 7. Topic van … Continue reading

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