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Integrating with Excel (including Java) is a no-brainer

In this short and functional oriented article, we’ll elaborate on how to integrate with Excel. For sure, Excel is not the “latest and greatest” utility but it still offers a lot of functionality the average entrepreneur will be able to … Continue reading

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Mobiliteitsscan | Mobility scan with RESTful services – part II

A “mobiliteitsscan” or mobility scan helps to map the current travel behaviour within your company and identifies the number of employees for whom real alternatives exist to travelling by car during the rush hour. Public transport, a bike or a Uber … Continue reading

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GIS introduction with example of heat map, CartoDB map, QGiS map – part 1

This time a less practical but a bit more theoretical and hopefully still useful post on GIS or Geographic Information Systems. The audience of this post is the SME owner, the IT manager or the application manager who is not very familiar … Continue reading

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Commute Analyzer – Mobility Scan

Please find another very practical example of a small but powerful geographical solution below. With this utility it is perfectly possible to get the distance or driving time between two locations and this based on the type of transport used … Continue reading

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Practical GIS Example

Does the correlation between youth unemployment and burglaries exist? A bold theory which is fortunately incorrect. We are able to proof this with this very practical example of a map. This Google Fusion Table clearly depicts the youth unemployment on … Continue reading

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Google My Business – extracting data

Summary It’s quite well known you can put your business on the internet with Google My Business (formerly known as Google Places) or Google+ Local. By doing so one allows people retrieving your business with Google Maps. For those who are … Continue reading

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