Practical GIS Example

Does the correlation between youth unemployment and burglaries exist? A bold theory which is fortunately incorrect.


We are able to proof this with this very practical example of a map. This Google Fusion Table clearly depicts the youth unemployment on the one hand and the burglaries on the other hand. Rate of unemployment has been visualized by using colors, the thickness of the border of communes corresponds with the rate of burglaries.

One is entitled to, as a result of this analysis, conclude the following:

  • youth unemployment is the highest in the large cities (Ostend, Antwerp, Gent, Genk)
  • youth unemployment is fairly low in the entire province of West-Flanders
  • the correlation between youth unemployment and burglaries does not exist but the number of burglaries on the entire axis Antwerp – Brussels is fairly high

We emphasize as well our hope to see more green communes in the next coming years confirming the rate of youth unemployment has dropped to an acceptable level again.

This example is the result of a very limited amount of work and confirms the efficiency of Google Fusion Tables. With Google Fusion Tables one is not only able to depict very easily the locations (based on icons) but one can visualize very easily as well entire regions, communes, countries or parcels.  These days, it’s perfectly possible to draw these parcels with another additional utility and to copy paste the resulting KML in Google Fusion Tables (or other utilities like ArcGIS or OpenStreetMap editors).

Please find below the additional advantages of Google Fusion:

  • Free license! Google Fusion is entirely free but size of tables is limited to 100MB. This means, in practice, one is able to upload files with multiple thousand locations  and areas.
  • Responsiveness! One is able to query and view Google Fusion Tables very easily on personal computers, tablets or even a (cheap) smartphone.
  • Authorization! One can enforce authorization by using views or using multiple tables. For sure, the functionality of authorization could be extended still but Google releases new versions on a regular basis.
  • Interfacing! One is able to import Google spreadsheets or CSV and KML files manually or through APIs and, by the way, Google is currently working on additional interfaces between Google Maps and systems like SAP and ArcGIS

Comments or suggestions? Don’t hesitate to inform us. We are pleased to confirm the next article will be covering some other GIS related functionality like calculating distances and optimizing routes between multiple locations.

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